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Low Calorie Diet Foods

Low-Calorie Diet Food

      Posted By Samreen Saleem


 Low-Calorie Diet for Weight loss | Low-Calorie Vegetables | Low-Calorie Vegetables Nutrients Low-Calorie Vegetables Benefits

Low Calorie Diet Foods
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Low-Calorie Diet for Weight loss:

 Low-Calorie diet food is helpful to reduce excess weight but it doesn’t need to reduce the food intake. Low-calorie food has a sufficient amount of nutrients and helps to burn calories and excess fats that result in weight loss. It’s called Calorie deficit.

You don’t need to reduce your diet potion or get into the starving mood because your body needs a certain amount of “energy” that is called “calories” for your physical health.

If you start to reduce your food potion then your physical health will be affected and it can also disturb your metabolism, results in upset stomach & digestion disorders.

 You need to know how much weight you have to reduce according to your health, you must intake a sufficient amount of calories. In order to take a diet plan, you can concern a dietitian who can help you to get a perfect low-calorie diet according to your weight and health.

The low-calorie foods are not like a small plate, it should be enough amount to satisfy your hunger and your stomach.

Low-calorie vegetables:

1) Radish:

Low Calorie Diet Foods
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Radish is an extremely low-calorie vegetable. When you wish to lose some pounds then you can intake radish in your salads and meals. Radish is rich in Fiber which is very useful to reduce cholesterol and control blood pressure levels. So fiber helps to reduce weight. Half cup of Radish contains 12 Calories & 1gm Fiber.

2) Bell Pepper:

Low Calorie Diet Foods
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Bell Peppers have low calories & fats, 149 gm bell peppers have 46 calories that are very effective diet food for weight loss. It's also a rich source of Vitamin C more than 3 times effective than an orange.

3) Cauli Flower:


Low Calorie Diet Foods
Designed By Louis Hansel-shotsoflouis / Unsplash

Cauli Flower contains 100 gm / one cup has 25 calories, 5gm carbs & 3 gm of fiber & its high water content diet which is excellent for weight loss.


Low Calorie Diet Foods
Designed By Louis Hansel-shotsoflouis / Unsplash

Spinach is another very important low-calorie vegetable effective for weight loss. 100 g of spinach has 26 calories only but highly rich in nutrients and a high source of fiber.

5) Cucumber:


Low Calorie Diet Foods
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Cucumber contains 90% water & lowest calorie vegetable. Thus its ideal diet for weight loss. 52 gm of cucumber has only 8 calories.

6) Broccoli:


Low Calorie Diet Foods
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Broccoli is a very rich nutrient vegetable as it prevents cancer. 1 cup cooked broccoli has 54 calories but raw 1 cup broccoli has 30 calories thus this green low-calorie diet can intake as a raw vegetable in salads can be more effective as compare to be consumed as a cooked meal.

Broccoli has 90% water & 5 gm of fiber. Its very effective low calorie and rich nutrient diet for weight loss.


7) Garlic:


Low Calorie Diet Foods
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Garlic burns excess fats & boosts the metabolism. Its a very low-calorie diet, 3 gm of garlic has only 5 calories.

 It can intake uncooked with honey and lemon for weight loss. Garlic is an anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal diet that has the ability to fight against infections or cancer.

1) Lemons / Limes:

Low Calorie Diet Foods
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Lemon water or lime juice is very beneficial for weight loss as well as health. It has a soluble fiber “pectin” that helps to reduce weight and excess fats. It's also a low-calorie diet. 1 ounce (30 gm lemons) of lime juice contains 8 calories only.

When you are looking for a diet plan for weight loss so you can have these low-calorie vegetables in salads & meals instead of oily snacks and spicy foods. It will help to reduce excess pounds as well as boosts your metabolism, keep your stomach full & healthy.


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